Praying for Life and Paying for Death

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Back in 1999, Canadian David Little decided he had had enough of praying for life while his tax dollars were being used to pay for death by funding abortions in Canadian hospitals. Since then Mr. Little has not filed a single tax return and doesn’t plan on changing his mind in the near future either:

I am never going to file again until the law is changed to take away the collusion and coercion of us participating, as a people, in something that many million of people believe is very, very wrong.

This, despite the fact that he was convicted last November for failing to pay his taxes and just recently lost his appeal to a Court of Queen’s Bench justice.

It’s either we’re going to win here or I am going to be in jail until I rot…This is not about paying taxes. This is about co-operating with a government that uses our money to kill innocent children, and I don’t want to get involved with that any more

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! (ht: Mark Pickup)

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