The Word Made Flesh

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Today we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation, when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary and announced that she had found favor with God and would conceive and bear a son who would be called the Son of the Most High. This day calls to mind two very specific moments which correspond with the culture of life. The first is … Read More

Bella in Canada April 11

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It’s about time for another Bella update. Starting Friday, April 11 Bella will open in 11 Canadian cities in 6 provinces (all cities and theaters can be found at this link)! I urge my Canadian neighbors to mark your calenders and check it out! Bella also continues to have an impact on pregnant women. Producer Leo Severino told Life Site … Read More

More News for Fox

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Here’s another adult stem cell success story that might interest Michael J. Fox, Uterine Stem Cells Create New Neurons That Can Curb Parkinson’s Disease (h/t Wesley Smith): The injection of uterine stem cells trigger growth of new brain cells in mice with Parkinson’s disease, Yale School of Medicine researchers report in an abstract presented at the 2008 Society for Gynecologic … Read More

Listen Up, Michael J. Fox!

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Yesterday I had news for Nancy Reagan. Now it’s Fox’s turn. As a well known public figure with Parkinson’s Disease, Michael J. Fox made himself quite the spokesman for research that requires the creation, use and destruction of human life as a means of finding cures for diseases such as his own. No doubt he was excited to hear that … Read More

Pay Attention, Nancy Reagan

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Once the late Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s Disease progressed so far that his wife Nancy could, “no longer reach him” she, and her son Ron, came out publicly in favor of embryonic stem cell research in the hope of finding a cure for this devastating disease. They have both been strong advocates for this life destroying research ever since. But Ron … Read More

Cloning Language in Court Today

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Your prayers are needed. The MO Coalition for Lifesaving Cures filed an appeal against a judge’s decision to overturn the Sec. of State’s unfair and inaccurate ballot summary for a ban on human cloning last month. The trial is today. At this point it will only be by the grace of God that we are able to get this on … Read More

Theology of the Body in KC

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It is impossible to truly build a culture of life without reclaiming the truth and meaning of human sexuality (Evangelium Vitae n. 97). The Catholic diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph has picked up on that and will be hosting a few Theology of the Body events in May. The first is on May 2 for young professionals in … Read More

Cloning Used to Treat Mice With Parkinsons

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You might have heard that scientists in New York have used embryonic stem cells derived from cloned mouse embryos to treat mice with Parkinson’s Disease. Some things should be considered in this supposed “breakthrough” (from Wesley Smith – my commentary added): – The mice did show improvement. They were only allowed to live 11 weeks after transplant. – They note … Read More

It’s a Boy, Times Two!

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I think that pregnancy is one of the most amazing phenomenons in the entire world. I am fascinated when I see a pregnant woman and think about the fact that she has, at that moment, another living being growing inside her, just waiting to come out and join the rest of the world. Two of my very best friends are … Read More

What Will the Culture of Death Think of Next?

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A man has ended his life with a homemade suicide robot.