Whose Hopes are Unproven? REALLY!?!

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Last Saturday the LA Times ran a story with the headline: Cord blood: Banking on unproven hopes. The article highlights some studies in which human patients have have been successfully treated with stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood, particularly mentioning the case of 3-year-old Dallas Hextell who was treated for cerebral palsy with his own cord blood that his … Read More

Pay Attention, Nancy Reagan

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Once the late Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s Disease progressed so far that his wife Nancy could, “no longer reach him” she, and her son Ron, came out publicly in favor of embryonic stem cell research in the hope of finding a cure for this devastating disease. They have both been strong advocates for this life destroying research ever since. But Ron … Read More

A Stem Cell “Miracle”

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On July 4, a six year old girl from Joplin, MO, blind since she was a few months old, received the first of five stem-cell transplants from umbilical cord blood, at a hospital in China. Where once there was nothing, Rylea Barlett now responds to light and can recognize people’s faces. Upon looking at her mother one day she said, … Read More

Update on Stem Cell Amendment

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Well here’s a little thing I found on Life News that I didn’t see before. Apparently yesterday a house committee adopted the cord blood funding amendment that I told you about earlier today. Here is the short story: Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — The House of Representatives adopted an amendment to a fiscal year 2008 budget bill that will promote adult … Read More

House Might Debate Funding Ethical Stem Cell Research

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Today, as we are speaking actually, the U.S. House of Representatives has taken up the Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations bill. Rep. Chris Smith (R, NJ) and Rep. Artur Davis (D, AL) are supposed to offer an amendment, according to Life News, that would: bring the funding of the National Cord Blood Inventory program up to its full authorized … Read More

Adult Stem Cell Stories You Aren’t Hearing About

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I haven’t done any adult stem cell success stories in a few weeks so here’s a bunch: Heart Attack Patients Treated With Novel Stem Cell Therapy Experience Significant Improvement in Heart and Lung Function Science Daily — Heart attack patients who received an new intravenous adult stem cell therapy, Provacelâ„¢, experienced a lower number of adverse events, such as cardiac … Read More

A Godsend For Sure

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I really like this story about umbilical cord blood banking from ABC news: Umbilical Cord Cells: Godsend or Gimmick. I think it provides a practical approach to to the subject without being overly negative. I am very much in favor of cord blood banking, but I would not say that it is necessarily for absolutely everyone. First of all, it … Read More

Cord Blood Miracle

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If not for umbilical cord blood, Jessica Berry of Macomb Township is convinced her 5-year-old daughter, Olivia, wouldn’t have survived. Born four months premature, Olivia weighed only 1 pound, 2 ounces. She required more than 10 blood transfusions, heart surgery and extensive treatment for her eyes and lungs. In all, the infant was hospitalized for the first five months of … Read More

Who’s Selling the “Promise?”

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This article in the LA Times is ripe with criticism of the recent push for stem cell banking: KEVIN MANNIX is a salesman and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, a husband, father of two and the son of a man who died of a heart attack at 52. In matters of business and of health, he lives by the same … Read More

3 Year Old Infused With Own Stem Cells

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CHICAGO: A three-year-old leukemia victim was given a life-saving infusion of her own cord blood, marking the first time a child with this disease served as their own blood donor, American doctors said Thursday. This was largely thanks the the girl’s parent’s decision to save some of her umbilical cord after she was born. The future, my friends, is not … Read More