A Defection of Pro-Life Leadership in the Missouri Legislature

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Last week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed into law an economic development bill that, among other things, provides public money and/or tax incentives for new technology businesses, including businesses engaged in human life sciences research, without effective language to prevent funding of abortion-related services, human cloning, or embryonic stem cell research. The bill was passed this way by an otherwise … Read More

Cord Blood Miracle

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If not for umbilical cord blood, Jessica Berry of Macomb Township is convinced her 5-year-old daughter, Olivia, wouldn’t have survived. Born four months premature, Olivia weighed only 1 pound, 2 ounces. She required more than 10 blood transfusions, heart surgery and extensive treatment for her eyes and lungs. In all, the infant was hospitalized for the first five months of … Read More

Who’s Selling the “Promise?”

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This article in the LA Times is ripe with criticism of the recent push for stem cell banking: KEVIN MANNIX is a salesman and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, a husband, father of two and the son of a man who died of a heart attack at 52. In matters of business and of health, he lives by the same … Read More

Not So Fast, Tooth Fairy…

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That tooth could save someone’s life. It turns out that baby teeth are yet another source rich in stem cells. The cost of storing them is about half of what it costs to store umbilical cord blood – a second option for families wanting to invest in stem cells for their chilren’s future. So…stick that under your pillow and sleep … Read More