Adult Stem Cell Stories You Aren’t Hearing About

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I haven’t done any adult stem cell success stories in a few weeks so here’s a bunch:

Heart Attack Patients Treated With Novel Stem Cell Therapy Experience Significant Improvement in Heart and Lung Function

Science Daily — Heart attack patients who received an new intravenous adult stem cell therapy, Provacel™, experienced a lower number of adverse events, such as cardiac arrhythmias, and had significant improvements in heart, lung and global function compared to those who received a placebo, according to six-month Phase I study data presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Innovation in Intervention: i2Summit in New Orleans…

Adult stem cells are designed by nature to perform tissue repair in a mature adult. It is believed that these cells can be used in patients unrelated to the donor, without rejection, eliminating the need for donor matching and recipient immune suppression. Once transplanted, the cells promote healing of damaged or diseased tissues.

First Human Trial Tests Stem-cell-based Treatment For Heart Attacks

Over the six month follow-up period, the stem cell-treated patients had lower rates of side effects such as cardiac arrhythmias, and had significant improvements in heart, lung and global function. Echocardiography showed improved heart function, particularly in those with large amounts of cardiac damage.

Stem Cells Speed Growth Of Healthy Liver Tissue

When large, fast-growing cancers invade the liver, some patients are unable to undergo surgery, because removing the cancerous tissue would leave too little liver to support the body.

Researchers at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany, used adult bone marrow stem cells to help quickly regenerate healthy liver tissue, enabling patients to eventually undergo a surgical resection.

This one is pretty thought provoking:
For Athletes, the Next Fountain of Youth?

The latest curative leap to heal professional athletes and weekend warriors alike may sound like science fiction, but it could transform sports medicine. Some doctors and researchers say that in a few years the use of primitive stem cells from infants’ umbilical cord blood could grow new knee ligaments or elbow tendons creating a therapy that becomes the vanguard of sports injury repair.

Already, some sports agents are preparing to advise clients about banking stem cells from their offspring or from tissue taken from their own bodies as an insurance policy against a career-ending infirmity. Stem cell blood banks are promoting the benefits of stem cell therapies for the practical healing and rehabilitation of tendons, ligaments, muscle and cartilage. There are skeptics in the medical community who wonder how soon the technology will be viable, but enthusiastic advocates of the therapies say the time is near.

And here’s my favorite – if only we could find a way to bottle this common sense and give it to everyone:
Adult stem cells saved my mom’s life

My mom was one of those people that got cured of leukemia by getting a stem-cell transplant. My mom was so sick and chemotherapy couldn’t stop the leukemia from getting a lot worse, so she got a stem-cell transplant. My mom’s donor was a 21-year-old man who had a surgery to get these stem cells from his bone marrow and they were given to my mom. He is fine and was only feeling a little sore for a week or so. It did not kill him or have any serious effects on him. It has been two years since then and my mom is as healthy as ever!

The way I see it is that if doctors and researchers can cure people like my mom using adult stem cells and no one has ever been cured using embryonic stem cells, why would we ever choose to kill defenseless people? Hopefully, someday the world will realize that it is against God’s will to kill people, even if they are just embryos.

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