It’s a Boy, Times Two!

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nullI think that pregnancy is one of the most amazing phenomenons in the entire world. I am fascinated when I see a pregnant woman and think about the fact that she has, at that moment, another living being growing inside her, just waiting to come out and join the rest of the world. Two of my very best friends are pregnant at the same time (just months apart from each other) and they recently found out that they are both pregnant with boys! I am a sucker for ultrasound photos and was excited to see pictures of baby boy #2 (the younger one), pictured here! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you all this picture of the precious gift of life – appropriate for this wonderful season of Easter!

Speaking of the miracle of pregnancy and child development, check out this 2005 National Geographic DVD, In the Womb. It’s stunning! They have a new one out now called In the Womb: Multiples, exploring the world of twins, triplets and quadruplets in utero.

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  1. At times it is very hard for me to have compassion for women who abort their babies. I am now 13 wks pregnant for the 6th time and we only have one living, loving little boy turning 3 in June. After suffering through 4 losses and desperatly wanting every single one of those babies, it tears my heart out to think of all those women that are literally throwing away what we long for. I pray that God gives those lost women the same love and yearning in their hearts that your pregnant friends and I share. Thank you for sharing such wonderful blessings!

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