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Kansas Attourney General, Paul Morrison, formerly charged the abortionist George Tiller “the Killer” on 19 misdemeanor counts for obtaining second opinions for late-term abortions from a doctor who was connected to him financially and legally. This is a welcome indictment, but it is a far cry from the 30 counts against him by former AG […]

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Since President Bush vetoed legislation aimed at expanding funding for embryonic stem cell research an Illinois Democrat and a Virginia Republican have introduced HR 2807, also known as the Patients First Act. The purpose of the bill is to: (1) intensify research that may result in improved understanding of or treatments for diseases and other […]

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Can You Hear Me Now? Stem Cells Enhance Hearing Recovery: Researchers have shown that bone marrow stem cells injected into a damaged inner ear can speed hearing recovery after partial hearing loss. Cord Blood May Preserve Insulin Levels In Children With Type 1 Diabetes: Umbilical cord blood may safely preserve insulin production in children newly […]

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One of the interesting things about Brownback’s You Tube page is that people can submit video questions, which the Senator will answer. Here is a question on international adoption followed by Sen. Brownback’s response (Brownback and his wife have themselves adopted two children internationally, a girl from China and a boy from Guatemala):

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Yesterday I posted about the rise in abortions in England and the health professionals’ call for greater access to contraception in order to prevent these unintended pregnancies. Life News has an article this week about PM Tony Blair’s meeting with Pope Benedict in which they offered some numbers regarding abortions in England. The most interesting […]

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Abortions were up 4% in England and Wales in 2006, especially among teenagers. What this suggests is that more women are using abortion as birth control since nearly one third of those who are having abortions have already had one before. The answer? Why, greater access to contraception, of course. That is the battle cry […]

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I got back from South Dakota and my friends’ beautiful wedding yesterday evening. I did have free wireless but not a lot of blogging time. In the news while I was gone: A New Milestone in Stem Cell Research In the first trial of its kind in the world, 60 patients who have recently suffered […]

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I will be driving to South Dakota all day Thursday for my friends’ wedding on Friday and then driving back home Saturday. I’m not sure if I will have (free) internet access while I am away and/or if I will have any time to post – we shall see. The news of the day: President […]

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This is interesting. I was on You Tube just now and noticed their “You Choose ’08” banner said “spotlight on Sam Brownback” so I decided to check it out. Apparently You Tube has pages, similar to a my space, for the 2008 Presidential candidates. This is pretty cool because it’s all video. Here’s his video […]

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NEW HAVEN, Conn., June 13 (UPI) — A U.S. study has demonstrated primates suffering severe Parkinson’s disease significantly improved after being injected with human neural stem cells. Researchers from Yale, Harvard, the University of Colorado and the Burnham Institute said the primates were able to walk, move and eat better and exhibited diminished tremors after […]

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