I’m Off!

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I will be driving to South Dakota all day Thursday for my friends’ wedding on Friday and then driving back home Saturday. I’m not sure if I will have (free) internet access while I am away and/or if I will have any time to post – we shall see.

The news of the day:

President Bush vetoes stem cell funding bill – again. Some of his remarks:

America is also a nation founded on the principle that all human life is sacred. And our conscience calls us to pursue the possibilities of science in a manner that respects human dignity and upholds our moral values.

Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical. And it is not the only option before us.

2 Comments on “I’m Off!”

  1. Thanks! The trip and the wedding was very nice. Now it’s back to work. I am still celebrating the veto and hoping we will be blessed with another president who will enact similar vetoes in the future – or a congress who won’t pass such laws, whichever comes first.

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