Tiller Charged, but for Different Reasons

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Kansas Attourney General, Paul Morrison, formerly charged the abortionist George Tiller “the Killer” on 19 misdemeanor counts for obtaining second opinions for late-term abortions from a doctor who was connected to him financially and legally. This is a welcome indictment, but it is a far cry from the 30 counts against him by former AG Phil Kline which involved the abortion procedures themselves and the girls (as young as 10) who may have been victims of sexual abuse. It is a nice guesture by the new AG, who has been under heavy pressure to do something about this abortion criminal in his midst, but I think he could do much better than that. More serious crimes were committed by Tiller than what Morrison is charging him with.

Read an interview with Dr. Paul McHugh, who reviewed over 30 medical records subpoenaed from Tiller’s clinic in which he, “saw no file that justified abortions”.

2 Comments on “Tiller Charged, but for Different Reasons”

  1. Strange that it took them all these months to notice what Kline’s office, and the public, had pointed out before the files were even handed over.

    Sounds like the time was spent coming up with a strategy that could allow both Morrison and Tiller to come out smelling like roses and change nothing significant about Tiller’s practice.

  2. That’s exactly what they did. The guy was under so much pressure to do something about Tiller, though he didn’t want to, he had to find something something to charge him with to use for a reelection campaign, I’m sure. Of course we hope that’s not the reason, but based on the overwhelming evidence against Tiller, this charge seems awfully insincere.

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