Life is Worth Loving

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In this article for the UK Times, sports writer Simon Barnes reflects on his experience of living with and loving his son, Eddie, who has Down’s syndrome. It is a beautiful testimony and relavent given the current situation in the UK with doctors seeking permission to kill disabled infants. As I said in a previous post, disabled children are human … Read More

James Kelly, the Stem Cell Truth Detector

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James Kelly, the paralyzed stem cell activist, wrote a fabulous article for National Review Online on the results of this month’s elections. Unfortunately he is not the kind of “victim activist” that the media is interested in. The only kind that shine in the media’s eyes are those like Michael J. Fox who use their illnesses to promote the creation … Read More

The Race is on in Florida

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Supporters of embryonic stem cell research are working hard to get enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the Florida ballot in 2008. The amendment would require the state to spend $20 million annuallly on embryonic stem cell research for 10 years. But it looks like the opposition is gathering signitures for an initiative of their own. See here … Read More


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I wish everyone a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. I will be having a quiet day with my family here in Missouri. Every year we go see a movie, so we will be going to see “Happy Feet” tomorrow. I have been in a cooking frenzy lately, so I will be contributing to the Thanksgiving meal. I made pumpkin bread … Read More

“Married Love and the Gift of Life”

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For the first time in almost 40 years the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement reiterating the Church’s position on contraception and the meaning of the marital embrace. Married love is meant to be a total gift of self, holding nothing back. The use of contraception witholds a spouse’s fertility from that gift and says, “I give … Read More

Common Sense

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Like parental notification for minors and a 24 hr. waiting period, it is just common sense for abortion clinics to have annual safety inspections. Apparently Alabama is just now figuring that out. Any place that wants to be considered a “health clinic” should be held to the highest standards of safety, especially when you consider the methods used to perform … Read More

Get Ready for the New Congress

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It seems that democrats plan on resurrecting the issue of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research early on in the next session. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says a measure similar to the one President Bush vetoed earlier this year will be voted on during the first 100 business hours of the next congressional session that begins in January.” Lucky … Read More

Nicaraguan President Signs Abortion Ban

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I wish we had more politicians like this in America: MANAGUA, Nicaragua: Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolanos signed a bill Friday banning abortion in all cases — including when a woman’s life is endangered — despite opposition from doctors, women’s rights groups and diplomats. Presidential spokesman Lindolfo Mojarretz told The Associated Press that Bolanos signed the bill Friday and that it … Read More

Heart Valves Grown From Womb Fluid Cells

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CHICAGO — Scientists for the first time have grown human heart valves using stem cells from the fluid that cushions babies in the womb _ offering a revolutionary approach that may be used to repair defective hearts in the future. The idea is to create these new valves in the lab while the pregnancy progresses and have them ready to … Read More

Back Online

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Well I’m finally back online. My internet went out Wed. evening and we were finally able to fix it this afternoon. It is a sad fact that because the internet was out I really wasn’t able to get any “work” done. Most of the work I do for my parents and myself is done online. But it was a little … Read More