The Sincere Gift of Self

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This priest is great: True love calls for total self donation. “Man…cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself” Gaudium et Spes, 24 Find more videos like this at the Our Father’s Will Communications YouTube channel.

Sexual Unions Shape History

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I really enjoyed the Theology of the Body conference with Christopher West that I attended this weekend in Rolla, MO. I actually attended this exact same conference in KC earlier this year, but it never gets old. If you have not yet discovered the incredible teaching of JPII on the truth and meaning of sexuality, do yourself a favor check … Read More

Theology of the Body: Marriage

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The fifth and final installment of Cardinal Arinze’s webcast on TOB is available now: This one is quite significant because, as Pope Benedict has suggested, Marriage is the key to world peace. See the previous episodes on these posts: Cardinal Arinze Webcasts TOB! Theology of the Body: Original Happiness These webcasts are part of a complete DVD series from the … Read More

Spice Up Your Sex Life…Invite God!

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Here’s is something you’ll never read in Cosmo or Men’s Health. I found this hot passage while reading Christopher West’s book The Good News About Sex and Marriage: If you really want “good sex,” start by inviting God – who is love – to be with you. (Don’t worry; God won’t blush. He created sex.) Keep the lights on. Consciously … Read More

New TOB Resources

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Ascension Press anounces some new resources from Christopher West on the Theology of the Body. Each series has everything you need to lead your own TOB study sessions. Because our society has been living in utter darkness regarding the truth and meaning of human sexuality, of the human person, this is an important message to study and share with everyone … Read More

I Wanna Have Your Babies

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This is a great song from Natasha Bedingfield – and refreshing considering the anti-Marriage/family “hook-up” mentality plaguing our young people today: I Wanna Have Your Babies Video From the song: I wanna have your babies Get serious like crazy I wanna have your babies I see ’em springin up like daisies Remember the good old days when all “dating” really … Read More

Theology of the Body: Original Happiness

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Part four of the Cardinal Arinze podcast series on Theology of the Body is online: In honor of the coming election and the large number of Catholics pledging to vote for Barack Obama, check out this already classic podcast from the Cardinal from this April: Send 12 Swiss Guards to arrest them all! (Q&A 2007 – part VII): Subscribe to … Read More

Humanae Vitae, the Church and Contraception

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Our presentation on Humanae Vitae, the Church and Contraception this Sunday was a success. We had a very good crowd and I think the overall message got across pretty well in the short amount of time we had to deliver it. Truly each of the three speakers could have taken up the whole hour and a half themselves – so … Read More

Happy Humanae Vitae Day!

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It “fell like a bomb” on the Church. Forty years ago today, at the onset of the sexual revolution, a time when society was beginning to reexamine the very meaning and purpose of human sexuality, Pope Paul VI, under, I believe, direct guidance by the Holy Spirit, made it clear that the Catholic Church stood firm not only in favor … Read More

Cardinal Arinze Webcasts TOB!

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Shamefully I am not yet a subscriber to Cardinal Arinze’s webcast, though I pretty much love to hear anything the man has to say. But I recently stumbled upon another website with links to the Cardinal’s recent webcasts and found out that he has been doing a series on Theology of the Body. Really I have only ever heard TOB … Read More