Spice Up Your Sex Life…Invite God!

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Here’s is something you’ll never read in Cosmo or Men’s Health. I found this hot passage while reading Christopher West’s book The Good News About Sex and Marriage:

If you really want “good sex,” start by inviting God – who is love – to be with you. (Don’t worry; God won’t blush. He created sex.) Keep the lights on. Consciously renew your wedding vows with the language of your bodies. Mean what you say, and say what you mean.

Take the risk of surrendering your whole self unconditionally to your spouse. Receive your spouse unconditionally. as you do, look deeply and steadily into each other’s eyes and thank God for the joy you know in being made in his image as you explode in the ecstasy of the true communion of persons.

Sexual intercourse is not meant to be merely an exchange of bodily fluids – it is a communion of persons. As West points out, the most fulfilling sex possible comes only when husband and wife delve into the mystery of the other person (mind, body and soul) and, in naked honesty, surrender themselves to one another, and receive one another, unconditionally. Far from being a mere act of physical gratification, sex is meant to be an experience between husband and wife that leads them into the inner life of the Trinity where they participate in the very life and love of God.

AH! How healthy the world would be if this great truth was embraced and lived out every marriage!

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2 Comments on “Spice Up Your Sex Life…Invite God!”

  1. Yes, a very good book, I loved “Good News…”! It should be a marriage prerequisite! Many times throughout the book I kept saying to myself, “I can’t believe he is talking about this stuff”…very candid, open and refreshingly honest!

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