Let’s Keep This in Perspective

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Rebecca, at Mary Meets Dolly, explains why a wrong position on the dignity of the unborn and the elderly taint a person’s perspective on other matters related to social justice: Abortion is not the only issue that is important, but let us keep this in perspective. The 48 million Americans ripped from their mothers’ wombs since Roe vs. Wade is … Read More

Let’s Never Find Out

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Ad from Let Freedom Ring (h/t: Mary Meets Dolly): What happens when we elect a president who has disregard for human life? Please, America, let’s never find out. See: “The Vortex” Barack Obama: Dangerous Values Sacrifices for Life Attention Roman Catholics for Obama Gianna Jessen’s “Gift of Cerebral Palsy Barack Obama and Infanticide: Indefensible Barack Obama “Will Not Yield” on … Read More

Americans Favor Abortion Restrictions

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A recent nation-wide poll shows that an overwhelming majority (84%) of Americans favor restrictions on abortions. Even 71% of pro-choice respondents said they would significantly restrict abortions. Meanwhile, the candidate who is leading every major election poll so far is the one who wants to sign a law that will remove all current abortion restrictions and enshrine unlimited abortion-on-demand into … Read More

“The Vortex”

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Michael Voris has an excellent commentary on FOCA: Another good one to take a look at – Abortion and the Economy: See more episodes of the Vortex at the Real Catholic TV YouTube channel Previous posts: Barack Obama: Dangerous Values Sacrifices for Life Attention Roman Catholics for Obama

Barack Obama: Dangerous Values

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A new ad from the Family Research Council highlighting Obama’s promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (h/t Jay): According to this story the ad will run in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan and Washington DC television markets. Hopefully they will eventually run this ad here in MO as we are one of the coveted “swing states” and traditionally … Read More

Sacrifices for Life

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Everyone is turning to prayer this election year. That includes the new group Sacrifices for Life whose purpose is to promote the making of daily sacrifices to establish a culture of life in America – to help turn the tide against abortion and other anti-life practices that are threatening to destroy the family, and ultimately, society itself. They are specifically … Read More

Join Us in Prayer

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Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden

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When abortion fails a child is born…alive. Some are put on shelves to die, some live to tell the tale (h/t Conservatism With a Heart):

Obama’s Ignorant Ad – *Updated

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Apparently Barack doesn’t have very good researchers working on his ad campaign. Not that it takes a lot of research to get this one right. His latest ad accuses John McCain of “standing in the way” and “opposing stem cell research” (again, “stem cell research” here really only means research that involves human embryos.) This after McCain just released an … Read More

Reaching Out to Hispanics

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Bella star Eduardo Verastegui helps reach out to Hispanic voters on abortion and Barack Obama: The full length video includes some graphic abortion pics and can be seen at www.durarealidad.com h/t: Catholic in Film School See previous post: Swell Bella Fellas, on a Mission for God