The Apostolate of Suffering…Again

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josemaria.jpgI’ve published it here a few times already, but, in light of a discussion at my local young adult Theology on Tap I thought I’d introduce (a better version of) The Apostolate of Suffering to a wider audience. So this week I published it at Ignitum Today and Catholic Lane. Then I was excited to have it picked up by the St. Josemaria Institute!

This is a message that will never get old. As I say in the article:

Imagine the great good that could be done if, instead of considering life less valuable or without meaning because of deteriorating health or decreased physical mobility, we would all accept the sufferings that befall us and offer that which we endure to our crucified Lord for the salvation of souls.

Please, click on any one of the links above (or all of them!) and read the rest.

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