Two Weeks!

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Can you believe the election is just two weeks away!? I don’t know about you, but I will certainly be glad when it’s finally over! In anticipation of the upcoming election, Catholic Vote plans to come out with a new ad aimed at motivating Catholics to vote that will feature pictures and video of Catholics from around the country on … Read More

Ad Jesum per Mariam!

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“In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph” -Our Lady of Fatima

Down to the Wire

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I looks like the House is getting set to vote on health care reform this weekend! The Susan B. Anthony List has a good ad targeting on the fence pro-life Democrats I have talked to some people who are still confused as to how, exactly, the bill is considered pro-abortion or anti-life. The American Papist offers this 150 word explanation … Read More

Lucky to Be Alive

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Except for Newsweek, the world is beginning to take note of the youthfulness of the pro-life movement. Not only are the majority of marchers at the March for Life in D.C. every year high school and college aged, but lately we have even seen pre-teens get in on the pro-life activism action. No doubt this baffles some people who see … Read More

Stupak “Prepared to Take Responsibility” for Taking Down HC Bill

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See the GMA interview with Rep. Bart Stupak and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in which Stupak says he refuses to vote for the Senate version of the health care bill in its current form because of its pro-abortion language. Sebelius, like Obama, Pelosi and other Dems, denies that the language is there, but Stupak even points out the pages of … Read More

Webcast: 2010 Blogs 4 Life Conference

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The 2010 Blogs 4 Life conference is set to begin at 8:30 am EST. Tune in here to watch it live. To stream it on your own site get the embed code here. If you’re on Twitter you can direct questions/comments to #blogs4life.

Video: Desperately Trying to Save a Life – and a Soul

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This video was recorded by the clinic escort: See more videos from this clinic. h/t: Values Voter News Related: Taking a Stand for Truth and Life

Pro-Life Blog Awards Voting is Open!

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It’s time to vote for your favorite pro-life blogs! From Dec. 14-20 a popular vote will be held to select the winner in 5 categories: Pro-Life Unity Award Pro-Life Whistleblower Award Best Pro-Life Apologetics Pro-Life Instigator Award for Activism Best News and Reporting I am happy and so grateful to announce that Reflections of a Paralytic is nominated for Best … Read More

Sanctity, Prayer and Activism

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The Solemnity of All Saints is a day to remember all those souls who lived lives of holiness and are now enjoying the Beatific Vision in heaven – whether they’re recognized by the Church or not. But it’s also a good day to reflect on the universal call to holiness – the call of each one of us to strive … Read More

A Very Confused Looking “Pro-Choice” Activist

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HA! At the Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia, MO, where pro-lifers have been participating in 40 Days for Life, there is a very small group of pro-choicers who stand outside the clinic on Thursday afternoons. This group is made up mostly of employees of this Planned Parenthood (the abortionist herself even came out and joined them once) and a known … Read More