O, Those Promising Stem Cells!

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I mean the adult ones. You know, the ones that can be obtained without destroying a human life. It seems that stem cells found in bone marrow (that seems to be the most popular source for ASCs) have been very successful in treating race horse injuries. Stem cell therapy may be controversial in human medicine but in the world of … Read More

The Unscientific Political Cloning Debate

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As I have been pointing out with regards to the Feinstein-Hatch “Cloning Ban and Stem Cell Protection Act”, the cloning debate, in the world of politics, has ceased to be a rational scientific discussion and has become completely ridiculous. This week David Freddoso has an article on the false claims of cloning proponents asking, if embryonic research is so promising, … Read More

Adult Stem Cell Stories You Aren’t Hearing About

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I haven’t done any adult stem cell success stories in a few weeks so here’s a bunch: Heart Attack Patients Treated With Novel Stem Cell Therapy Experience Significant Improvement in Heart and Lung Function Science Daily — Heart attack patients who received an new intravenous adult stem cell therapy, Provacel™, experienced a lower number of adverse events, such as cardiac … Read More

Stem Cells May Restore Sight in the UK

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British experts are pioneering a treatment using stem cell therapy to improve the sight of people born with a rare genetic eye disorder. Stem cells taken from dead donors, living relatives or even the patients themselves are grown in a laboratory until they form sheets and then transplanted on to the surface of the cornea. The team from the Queen … Read More

Stem Cell Heart Regeneration Therapy

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Science Daily — Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the first in the state to perform a novel therapy that uses bone marrow stem cells to stimulate regeneration of the heart muscle after a heart attack. Vanderbilt is one of three medical centers in the country providing this new treatment modality as part of a multi-center, randomized study funded by Amorcyte, … Read More

75 Reasons to Be Encouraged About Stem Cell Research

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I try to post as many adult stem cell/umbilical cord blood success stories as I can, but there is so much going on it really is hard to keep up. It’s also hard to find the stories since they’re not all covered by the media. Lucky for us the Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics does keep up on anything … Read More

Who’s Selling the “Promise?”

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This article in the LA Times is ripe with criticism of the recent push for stem cell banking: KEVIN MANNIX is a salesman and entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, a husband, father of two and the son of a man who died of a heart attack at 52. In matters of business and of health, he lives by the same … Read More

Researchers Advance the Survival and Growth of Adult Stem Cells

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Science Daily — MIT researchers have developed a technique to encourage the survival and growth of adult stem cells, a step that could help realize the therapeutic potential of such cells. Here’s a statement you won’t see in any main stream news article: “Those [adult] stem cells hold great promise for treatment of injuries and some diseases.” That is from … Read More

David Prentice Refutes Attacks in Science Journal

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The journal Science has published a letter by Dr. David Prentice, the founding member of the DoNoHarm Coalition, and its communications director about treating diseases with adult stem cells. Last July Science published an article attacking Dr. Prentice and DoNoHarm for its claim that over 72 diseases have been treated with adult stem cells. It was published right before congress … Read More

Women Will Be Paid to Donate Eggs for Science

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And you thought advertising for egg donations on college campuses by fertility clinics was bad enough. Now women will be coaxed into undergoing this dangerous and potentially deadly procedure in the name of science! Women “will be paid £250 plus travel expenses, the existing maximum compensation for any egg or sperm donor.” But don’t worry, lest you think the women … Read More