The Best of the Web this Week: Stem Cell Research

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There were many good articles this week regarding the current state of stem cell research in light of the recent stem cell breakthrough and announcement by Dolly cloner Ian Willmut. Colleen Carroll Campbell: Breakthrough signals a path to ethical cures Charles Krauthammer: Stem Cell Vindication Ramesh Ponnuru: Sharon Begley on Stem Cells – exposing media hypocrisy on stem cell research … Read More

It’s About the Killing, Stupid?

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On my last post about politicians insisting on funding ESC research despite the recent advancements in ASC research rendering it virtually unnecessary, Paul commented that: It’s all about the killing. Always was. That reminded me of a recent column in the Chicago Tribune by John Kass, Abortion at the heart of Stem Cell Research: Though I can’t begin to explain … Read More

Thank God For Rush Limbaugh

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In light of the recent stem cell news, Kathryn Jean Lopez has an article not to be missed: The Vindication of Rush H. Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh has been a shining beacon of truth in the great stem cell debate and has done many of us a favor by publicly going where many fear to tread. When Michael J. Fox came … Read More

The Hits Just Keep on Comin

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Late last week cloning scientist Ian Willmut announced his decision to forgo further experimentation involving human cloning and embryonic stem cells not because of any moral objections, but for the very practical reason that such research is no longer necessary in light of advancements in ethical areas of stem cell research. Today the cloning/ESC research world was dealt another blow … Read More

Colbert on ESC Research

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I love this! H/T the Happy Catholic – Watch this video of Stephen Colbert interviewing bioethicist Lee Silver and discussing stem cell research. The man (Lee) says some pretty stupid things during the whole interview, but the stupidest is when he tells Colbert that the cells on his arm are human life in the same way that embryos are. To … Read More

Doing What’s Right for Our Patients

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I am very blessed to have Dr. Acuff as my spinal cord doctor. Last year he was outspoken in his field against Amendment 2. Now he is a member of Cures Without Cloning and speaking out in support of the CWC initiative to ban human cloning. For Dr. Acuff it’s all about the patients, about giving them hope in something … Read More

What’s Wrong with ESCR and Right about ASCR: a Summary

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At the conclusion of his article, The Dark Door of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, for the Conservative Voice, Kevin Roeten provides a to-the-point summary of what is wrong with research on human embryos and right about research using adult stem cells: ESCR is believed to be a human ‘suffering’ savior, even though it causes tumors, likely immunogenic (rejected after implantation), … Read More

Pro-Life Efforts Paying Off In Missouri

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During the campaign for Amendment 2 last year Missourians were promised that this constitutional amendment would attract swarms of so-called “top notch” researchers to our state because all forms of “life-saving” stem cell research (meaning cloning/ESC research) would be protected. The eventual passage of Amendment 2, however, did not stop pro-lifers in the state. A number of legislators tried to … Read More

Pope Endorses Stem Cell Research

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What?! I thought the Catholic church, among others, was supposed to be “anti-stem cell research”. Of course if you’re only referring to stem cell research that involves the destruction of innocent human life, which the media and many on the left generally are when they use the term “stem cell research”, then we are. But we’re smart enough to recognize … Read More

It’s Mitt’s Turn

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Last week Sen. Sam Brownback discussed the issue of stem cell research with Now Mitt Romney takes his turn discussing the issue in a column on National Review Online. Speaking of his experience as Gov. of Massachusetts during their big stem cell debate: Some advocates told me that only the creation of human embryos for purposes of experimentation, otherwise … Read More