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nullI love this! H/T the Happy Catholic – Watch this video of Stephen Colbert interviewing bioethicist Lee Silver and discussing stem cell research. The man (Lee) says some pretty stupid things during the whole interview, but the stupidest is when he tells Colbert that the cells on his arm are human life in the same way that embryos are. To which Stephen responds, “If I let my arm go for a while and didn’t wash it, you’re saying I’d have babies on my arm?” Too funny!

Vid tip: maybe it’s just me, but the video won’t play when I’m on Firefox. I have to switch to Internet Explorer to watch it.

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  1. Pro-ESCR scientists use that “skin cell” analogy because they hope it confuses people; it simply can’t be because they actually believe it themselves. Just to clear things up: a skin cell needs to be COMBINED WITH AN OOCYTE via somatic cell nuclear transfer in order to become (if the process is successful) — wait for it — AN EMBRYO. That means that, if the skin cell is analogous to anything, it is not an embryo but rather a sperm cell, as a sperm cell must ALSO be combined with an ovum to being a new human being’s life.

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