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The following videos present a great overview of the benefits of modern day “NFP” science – the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology: IVF = circumventive therapy & contraception = suppressive therapy. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology actually help identify and treat problems associated with PMS, postpartum depression, infertility, male-infertility, frequent miscarriage and much more! And, as the … Read More

Planned Parenthood and Your Tax Dollars

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For the past six years the federal government has been funding abortion organizations, to the tune of $1 BILLION. So, it should come as no big surprise that, according to Planned Parenthood’s recently released 2008-2009 Annual Report, you, the tax payer, are one of the largest financial contributors to America’s largest abortion provider. It may not be a big surprise, … Read More

Update: Head of Holy See Press Office Issues Statement

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Don’t expect the media to pick this one up. From Vatican Radio: The head of the Holy See Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, has issued a statement clarifying passages of the book Light of the World, in which Pope Benedict discusses AIDS and condom use. The statement says Pope Benedict states that AIDS cannot be solved only by the … Read More

Benedict, Condoms and Context

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By now, many of you have probably seen the headline that Pope Benedict has “declared condom use acceptable ‘in certain cases’”, or something to that effect. I’ve seen some people really fretting about it on my Facebook news feed, but a closer look at the pope’s actual words, which come from an interview that was published in a book called … Read More

Quick Takes: Love, Marriage, Sex

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Ok, there are a few things I’ve been wanting to post on for the past week. Since they’re all related to love, marriage and sex, I thought I’d throw them all together in one post instead of trying to make separate posts out of each of them. 1. Andrew Haines has a good post at Ethika Politika on Dealing with … Read More

Do You Know How the Pill Works?

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It’s probably not a stretch to say that most people in our pill crazy society don’t know exactly how any one of their prescription drugs work. Here is a short version of the documentary 28 Days on the Pill highlighting how many people are uninformed about how hormonal contraceptives work: Not only does the pill not totally prevent pregnancy, but … Read More

NFP Awareness Week 2010!

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This week is Natural Family Planning Awareness Week 2010! I’ve posted some of these videos before, but they never get old: This is only one of a seven part series of videos contrasting NFP and contraception. All the videos were directed, written, acted, and edited by Catholic seminarians at the Institute for Priestly Formation in Omaha. You can see the … Read More

Miss MI Wins Miss USA With Question About Birth Control

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Only because Miss Missouri is a girl I used to babysit ages ago (she made it to the top 10!) did I actually watch most of the Miss USA pageant on NBC last night. In case you missed it, the winner of Miss USA, Michigan’s Rima Fakih’s, final question was about the birth control pill (see video): Q: This month … Read More


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As if we needed another reason to not watch the CBS Evening News. In this little segment Katie Couric laments the lack of access to contraception for low income women (hello Margaret Sanger!) and promotes Planned Parenthood’s push for the Gov’t to define birth control as “preventative medicine”, as if pregnancy was a disease: See my latest posts on this … Read More

Contraception: Morally Wrong in Every Circumstance

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This post was inspired by a few conversations I’ve had with some people about contraception since my post on Tuesday: Until just 80 years ago every major Christian religion condemned the practice of intentionally sterilizing the marital act as gravely immoral. Then, in 1930, the Anglican Council of Bishops approved of married couples using “other methods” of avoiding pregnancy, in … Read More