Post Election Commentary

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St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke released a statement on the passage of amendment 2. In it he says that amendment 2 will, among other things, “further erode respect for all human life and for procreation as the way new human life is to come into the world.” And that, “The election campaign for the passage of Amendment 2 has shown us all how deeply rooted the culture of death is in our society.” The passage of this amendment is a wake up call to all Catholics, and Christians, to rededicate ourselves to the work of restoring, “in our state and nation, the respect for the integrity of human procreation and for the inviolable dignity of every human life, from the first moment of its existence.”

Fr. Frank Pavone offers his own reflections on the 2006 election results: “it’s time for Democrats to prove our point. Every effort to build a just society will fail until we eliminate the most fundamental injustice. We cannot welcome the poor or the immigrant without welcoming our own children, and we cannot advance peace in the world until there’s peace in the womb.”

The bottom line: “We have not yet begun to fight!”

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