Deception, Daughters, Dollars

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These are the 3 D’s of Amendment 2. The first one is self explanitory and has been the primary focus of those opposed to the Amendment. The amendment language redefines the term cloning in order to get away with claiming to ban the procedure. This language is conveniently left off of the official ballot language so uneducated voters will think that a yes vote will ban human cloning, when, in fact, it will protect it as a constitutional right.

The Daughters issue has brought together pro-choice and pro-life feminists because of the risks involved for young women. I still have a hard time believing that women get paid to have their eggs harvested for IVF. ES cell research and SCNT would require an infinite number of human eggs, therefore asking women to undergo dangerous, and life threatening treatments in the name of science.

Finally we have the problem of Dollars. This is what will get most people, even if they aren’t opposed to this kind of research. Amendment supporters claim that they are not asking for state funds, however, the amendment specifically states that, “no state or local governmental body or official shall eliminate, reduce, deny, or withhold any public funds provided or eligible to be provided to a person that (i) lawfully conducts stem cell research.” They may not be asking for it now, but it sure looks like they anticipate it in the future.

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