Supress the Debate

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That’s the goal of The Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, backers of Amendment 2. After KRCG TV ran an ad by the Life Communications Fund warning voters of the “tricky” and deceptive language of Amendment 2, the Coalition sent a letter to the station threatening legal action if they play it, or any other ad from this, “irresponsible organization and similar organizations in the future.” This is a gross display of arrogance and fear by those who support Amendment 2. Clearly they want to stifle any sort of honest and open discussion about what they are trying to sell to Missouri voters and will stop at nothing to do it. Don’t let them get away with it. Find out the truth yourself and pass it on!

2 Comments on “Supress the Debate”

  1. This is AMAZING. They’re threatening to sue because a public service announcment CITED THE AMENDMENT ITSELF. Gee, does that sound like a group that’s on the up-and-up? “How DARE you actually tell people what our amendment SAYS?”

  2. It’s truly amazing and makes it easy to tell the force that is actually behind this whole thing.

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