The Devil in Disguise

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After reading this article from Life Site News it should be clear who is behind the push for research that destroys living human embryos. Now one supporter, a politician from Australia, accepts the possibility of eternity in hell if that’s the cost of supporting embryonic stem cell research:

“Maybe I’ll go to Hell, but if I go to Hell I’m going to do so by saving a lot of lives, because that’s what this bill is about,” said Tony Stewart. “We don’t need a religious leader telling members of parliament what should be done.”

He is responding to Archbishop George Cardinal Pell who:

told Catholic state lawmakers Tuesday that human cloning and destruction of embryos for research was a “serious moral matter” and their votes would have “consequences” for their lives in the Church

The bill in question would:

permit “human-animal hybrids”, “fertilizing immature eggs from aborted girls with adult male sperm” to form new embryos, and “mixing the genetic material of more than two persons” and destroying them at 14 days for their stem-cells

This is not just about obeying a rule of the Church, but protecting and preserving the dignity, the sacredness, of human life.

The Devil already has an advantage in this issue because, unlike in the abortion debate, it is harder to show and to know the humanity of the life at risk of being taken. With regard to abortion, the life in question is a developing child in utero – one whose features we can see on ultrasounds, whose presence can be felt in a very real way by the mother in her womb. It is not clear to everyone, but it is still easier to comprehend than the life of a days old embryo in a petri dish.

He is also getting craftier and, dare I say, smarter. In the current debate, the face of the pro-cloning/ESC research movement is a lot harder to say no to. This face is the sick and suffering – those affected by disease and disability. Whose heart doesn’t move with sympathy for children and families who must endure such hardships? How could you not want to give them every possible hope that their sickness may one day be cured?

But there is good news for us! Science and the truth are on our side. Scientifically we know that the embryos involved in this research are unique living organisms that are distinctly human in genetic make up and that all humans begin life this way. Truthfully we know that all human life, made in the image and likeness of God, is sacred and must be preserved. Scientifically we know that research on embryonic stem cells, which requires the destruction of the living embryo, is not producing any cures or treatments and hasn’t in the many years it has been operating. We also know that adult stem cells are currently treating 73 known diseases and disabilities with new breakthroughs everyday. Truthfully we know that false hope is no hope at all. There is real hope for cures, the science just points in a different direction.

Our job is to remain steadfast in the spirit of truth – that an embryo is a unique human life that must not be harvested for scientific research and that there are alternatives to such research that are more promising and do not require the destruction of human life. We must keep these truths in our hearts and spread them to the many who are mislead by this Father of Lies.

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  1. This is the key: stick with the science. Irrespective of religious differences and/or whether or not a supreme being exists, we know as a scientific fact that human embryos are human beings. Stay away from religion-based arguments and all will be fine.

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