“Dr.” Tiller Speaks from the Grave

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In these never before seen videos, released last week by Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, Dr. George Tiller explains why he became an abortion provider. They are outtakes from Voices of Choice, a 2001 documentary by PRCH. Ironically, in the second video he talks about how “everything has a risk” and “more people get shot” in other professions – which is true. Tiller was shot and killed on May 31, 2009. The trial against Scott Roeder for his murder is currently being conducted in Wichita.

Most interesting: upon taking over his clinic, he describes being “horrified” to find out that his father performed abortions, saying, “the only thing worse than a woman that would request an abortion was a physician that would do the abortion.” He then reveals that he thought abortionists were “scumbag-type” physicians.

Most disturbing: he describes killing babies as “emotionally and spiritually rewarding.” That is, of course, because he really believed that he was “helping women”. Abortion is no real help to women, but he is correct in that, for the abortion minded woman, it is about her, not the baby. According to a recent report by the Gutmacher Institute 60% of women obtaining abortions already have children. There is no way these women do not know they’re carrying a baby – they just don’t want to keep it. This is what has caused organizations, like the Vitae Caring Foundation, to change their tactics about trying to persuade women to not choose abortion – focusing more on the needs of the woman, rather than just the life of her unborn child.

Also, in the first video he explains that his father started performing abortions after one of his patients died in the 1940s after he refused to kill her unborn child and she instead obtained a “non-health care provider abortion”. But it should be noted that women also die from “safe and legal” health-care provider obtained abortions as well.

5 Comments on ““Dr.” Tiller Speaks from the Grave”

  1. Chelsea,
    After reading your life story, i realize how arrogant and a low life I am. Thank you for sending wisdom and loving Jesus and his Mother!

  2. He apparently wasn’t ‘horrified’ enough since he continued to carry on with murdering children, until his own life was taken(we might note that his life was taken without permission either).
    Abortion is surgery, its a cutting out of not only a child but much tissue. Its not a frivolous operation and isn’t just the ‘out patient’ care they say it is; you can get infection, become sterile and have pychological after effects until the day you die and meet that ‘glob of tissue’ in the hereafter.
    God save us from those who want to save us from overpopulation it has arrived and the future looks grim.

  3. The fact that he could deliver such weak rationalizations with apparent calm and conviction is appalling. I came away with the strong impression that this was a man who knew he was committing evil — even if he had somehow convinced himself that wrong was right.

  4. His manor struck me as very deadpan, not as a guy full of heart. There was something “off” about that whole presentation.

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