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I’m not a mother, yet, or an aunt, but I am finally a godmother (as of Dec. 2010)! Last Thursday I decided at the last minute to take a trip down to South Florida to see my goddaughter (and cousin), Abi (short for Abigail). Here we are after a lovely, filling meal at Buca di […]

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The Olympics are finally here! I absolutely love watching the Olympics — especially swimming, a sport I competed in, myself, years and years…and years ago. That is why I really wish that I could unread this ESPN article about the debauchery that goes on amongst our ‘heroes’ in Olympic Village, the place where all or […]

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We are in the midst of yet another NFP Awareness Week. If you regularly follow Catholic blogs and news sites you’re going to read a lot about the benefits of natural family planning over artificial contraception and it can seem as though practicing NFP (by practicing NFP, I’m referring to using some sort of charting […]

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Couldn’t resist! I’m sure some of you have already seen this. I only came across it just this weeend: via howtobeadad.com

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Believe it or not, I’ve been told by people who are athletes that they would kill themselves if they were ever seriously injured and forced to be in a wheelchair because they could no longer participate in this or that sport. In 2008, 23 year old rugby player Daniel James actually did just that. That […]

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I’ve talked about this here a little bit before, but most of the debate is over at Elizabeth Hillgrove’s blog where she has a whole category for all things bikini related. Click here and scroll down for her thoughts (about both female and male modesty in swimwear), lots of combox discussion and some links to […]

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For the past nearly six years I’ve spent in the blogosphere, Mark Pickup has been one of my very favorite fellow bloggers. I’ve shared many of his posts here and I publish a lot of his writing over at Catholic Lane. Currently I’m running the story of his life that he wrote recently in seven […]

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What is marriage? This short and to-the-point video is for Australia, but it perfectly explains why the government has an interest in regulating marriage in any country, including the US. Whenever a marriage amendment passes in one state or another, I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone lament, “why would anyone deny […]

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Life is good and beautiful just as it is, including its burden of suffering. When God created man and woman, he laid an immense blessing on every human life, and that blessing has never been withdrawn despite sin and all its consequences: “For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable” (Romans 11:29) -especially […]

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This is hilarious! The women of Pinterest try to defend it from the male invasion. P.S. you can follow me on Pinterest!

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