TOB Tuesday: Revisiting the Great Bikini Debate

ChelseaModesty, TOB Tuesday, video4 Comments

I’ve talked about this here a little bit before, but most of the debate is over at Elizabeth Hillgrove’s blog where she has a whole category for all things bikini related. Click here and scroll down for her thoughts (about both female and male modesty in swimwear), lots of combox discussion and some links to others defending the bikini. Given … Read More

TOB Tues: Should Women Wear Bikinis?

ChelseaModesty, Women5 Comments

This is something I’m slowly coming around on. Not that I have ever strongly believed that women should wear bikinis or that it doesn’t matter if they do, it’s just not something I’ve really thought a whole lot about and developed a strong opinion on one way or another. Bikinis are just the normal, socially acceptable kind of bathing attire … Read More