Every human life has value.

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From LifeSiteNews: The Senate Finance Committee torpedoed two key pro-life amendments on Wednesday designed to prevent government-subsidies of abortion and guarantee conscience protections for health-care providers in the health-care reform bill. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) proposed to amend the “America’s Health Future Act of 2009” under consideration by the Finance Committee led by Chairman Max […]

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JP II beautifully explains the institution of marriage and what it symbolizes – something our modern society is trying its best to dismantle on a daily basis: They key for understanding marriage remains the reality of the sign with which marriage is constituted on the basis of man’s covenant with God in Christ and the […]

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O God, the Father and creator of human life, help us never to become discouraged in defending the full breadth of that most precious gift, from the miracle of fertilization to the spiritual serenity of a natural death. Inspire us to remember that without you we are powerless, and that what we do for the […]

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It is easy to become cynical when we look at our depraved culture. But there are glimmers of hope for our future. These kids totally have their heads on straight: Find out more Parents, teachers, wake up! We must aim high for our children instead of just giving them condoms and telling them that they […]

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Congratulations to The Butterfly Circus for winning the grad prize in the Doorpost Film Project contest! For those who have seen this movie there is no doubt why it would win top honors. It’s not just a movie with a positive message, but a positive message about the beauty, dignity and sanctity of all human […]

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This is totally awesome: A DYING heart patient has been saved after he was given an artificial heart and injected with his own stem cells, a British surgeon said yesterday. The procedure – believed to be a world first – used stem cells in attempts to rebuild the damaged muscle in the heart. Experts welcomed […]

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Last weekend’s Values Voter Summit, at which many politicians, some 2012 presidential hopefuls, attempted to make their case to social conservative voters, reminds me of this advice from Archbishop Chaput from his book Render Unto Caesar: The proof of a person’s faith is whether, how, and how much it shapes his or her behavior, public […]

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Speaking of stem cell awareness, here are a few developments in embryonic stem cell research that you may not be aware of – but you should be. This summer General Electric teamed up with Geron Corp. in order to use embryonic stem cells to develop products that could give drug developers an early warning of […]

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This is truly frightening. In the UK a new rule may allow scientists to create cloned human/animal embryos with patient’s donated tissue without their consent: Tens of thousands of samples of human tissue will be offered for use in controversial human/animal hybrid embryo research without the consent of the patients who donated them. New rules […]

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Today is Stem Cell Awareness Day as proclaimed by Governors Arnold Scwartzenegger of California and Jim Doyle of Wisconsin (h/t Mary Meets Dolly). So check out some of the latest advancements in adult stem cell research: Neuralstem Receives FDA Approval to Commence First ALS Stem Cell Trial: ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Neuralstem, Inc. […]

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