Stem Cells Treat Early Stage MS

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Just another adult stem cell success story: A dose of their own stem cells “reset” the malfunctioning immune system of patients with early-stage multiple sclerosis and, for the first time, reversed their disability, according to researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago. All 21 patients in the study had the “relapsing-remitting” form of the disease that makes their symptoms alternately flare … Read More

Who is Separating Pregnant Women from Their Unborn Children?

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I seriously wonder if pro-choice people ever really listen to themselves speak. On C-Span Thursday morning I caught Sen. Barbara Boxer arguing with Sen. Orin Hatch against an amendment to codify a rule the Bush Administration put in place adding the “unborn child” as a patient under SCHIP. She claimed that because SCHIP already offered coverage to all pregnant women … Read More


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I’m sure most of you have seen this already. It’s pretty cleaver. Find all the answers you need to that burning question: What the FOCA?! at I have heard from several people who are skeptical about the chances of such a bill even coming up for a vote in the next few years. But in this interview with Students … Read More

TOB Tuesday: We Were Made Male and Female

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I found these short clips from the Theology of the Body for Teens series: TOB segement for guys: TOB segement for girls: The world today, which sees authentic masculinity and femininity as antiquated, sexist ideals, may look at these videos and think: Why the separate advice for guys and girls? They should not be held to different standards in that … Read More

Pray for Pelosi

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I am deeply concerned about this woman’s soul – especially as a fellow Catholic. St. (thanks, Paul!) Origen said: God opens the lips of those who utter divine words, and I fear that it is the devil who opens the other people’s. (In Ex hom., 3,2) Do we have to wonder who keeps opening Nancy Pelosi’s? The latest from Pelosi … Read More

“Push Him Out, Push Him Out, Waaay Out!”

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We all know that children are a blessing, but often it doesn’t feel that way during the birthing process. Bill Cosby on natural childbirth, enjoy:

FDA Approves Human Trial of Treatment Derived From ESCs

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The headline: FDA OKs First Human Trials of Embryonic Stem Cells. Note, this treatment will not consist in the direct infusion of human embryonic stem cells, but of neurons derived from ESCs: Starting this summer, the biotech firm Geron will treat a small group of spinal-cord injury patients using neurons derived from stem cells, marking the first time embryonic stem … Read More

36 Years and 49 MILLION Abortions

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It’s been well over an hour and pro-life marchers are still making their way up Constitution Ave. in Washington D.C. – a great sign that the number of people witnessing for life is still huge. I’ve been watching the live coverage on EWTN (you can’t see it anywhere else!!) and the crowd certainly looks massive – and YOUNG!!! The beautiful … Read More

Bush Was a Stem Cell Leader

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Reader (and now fellow blogger) Brian Gillin recently had an op-ed published in the Washington Times in which he thanks Pres. Bush for his help in advancing stem cell science – that’s right, advancing it: Thank you, President Bush, for not allowing science to be divorced from ethics. In 2001, you struck a balance on embryonic stem-cell research, limiting the … Read More

Pray for our President and Pro-Life Pilgrims!

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Now more than ever our new president, officially sworn in yesterday, needs to be prayed for. All indications are that, with the cooperation of Congress, he will work to actively advance the culture of death in the American government beginning with, many believe, an order to abolish the Mexico City policy, thereby allowing U.S. foreign aide to be given to … Read More