The Infant Leaped in Her Womb!

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Happy feast of the Visitation! This account of the Blessed Virgin visiting her cousin Elizabeth is is one of my favorites in scripture. I love it because the life of the unborn child is so clearly illustrated. During those days Mary set out and traveled to the hill country in haste to a town of Judah, where she entered the … Read More

Rudy’s Position Bad for Republicans/Conservatives

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From National Review Online, by Ramesh Ponnuru (emphasis added): In a way, Giuliani’s nomination would cause more trouble for the pro-life cause than his election would. The pro-life cause can survive without a pro-life president: It emerged from the Clinton years stronger than it had been at their beginning. But it will find it harder to survive without a pro-life … Read More

New Therapies Using Stem Cells

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I was perusing google news stories about stem cell research this evening and this delightful little article from the Salt Lake Tribune caught my eye. Some clips: Adult stem cells are less versatile than embryonic stem cells – but also less controversial, easier to come by and may be marketed for new therapeutic uses in the U.S. much sooner. In … Read More

Feminist Scholar Opposed to Prenatal Testing

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When asked what was so troubling about routine first-trimester prenatal diagnosis, Marsha Saxton, a lecturer for University of California, Berkeley and contributer to the feminist health book Our Bodies, Ourselves said, “Unfortunately, it buys into a consumer perspective on our children.” In this interview with California Catholic Daily she talks about a disabled student in one of her classes whose … Read More

In Memoriam

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Today we remember those who have given their lives for the cause of freedom, the protection of their country and their fellow man. This is a wonderful video with footage from WWII and testimony from the WWII veterans of Easy Company (my favorite part of Band of Brothers): For all those who have lost loved ones in battle I pray, … Read More

Adventures in Politics – Analysis

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Well, my internship at the State Capitol has come to an end. May 18 was the last day of session. The best I can tell people when they ask me what it was like working there is that it was interesting. I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed it or that I really liked what I saw while I was … Read More

Idol for Life

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Congratulations to Jordin Sparks, winner of American Idol and pro-life activist! It is so encouraging to see someone so openly committed her Christian faith and building a culture of life win a competition like this. Below is a picture of her with Dr. Alveda King (the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and official spokesperson for Silent No More) … Read More

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

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That book title, written by outspoken Liberal commentator Al Franken about conservatives, quite accurately describes Missouri’s pro-cloning biotech crowd who worked so feverishly to pass Amendment 2 last year which enshrined a right to human cloning research in the Missouri Constitution. One of the most gaping loopholes written into the amendment was a guarantee of unrestricted state funds for anyone … Read More

Roe for Brownback

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The now pro-life (and Catholic) Norma McCorvey, aka ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe v. Wade, has announced her endorsement of Sen. Sam Brownback for President of the United States: “I know the hurts of countless women who have been lied to and manipulated by the abortion industry in this country. Our nation needs a President of strength, courage, and moral fortitude … Read More

Pro-Woman, Pro-Child, Pro-Life

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Here’s an article about the pro-life movement’s “shift to focus on health issues,” namely the health of the mother. Pro-lifers have always been concerned about the life and health of the mother, especially considering the damage that abortion does to a woman emotionally and psychologically and yes, even physically. Sadly, many women opt for abortion because they feel that they … Read More