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Me and EdWell, my internship at the State Capitol has come to an end. May 18 was the last day of session. The best I can tell people when they ask me what it was like working there is that it was interesting. I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed it or that I really liked what I saw while I was there. I had hoped, going in, that I would be able to see a positive side of politics but was a little let down. It’s not that there aren’t good, honest legislators trying to get good legislation through. But I came to find out that much of politics really is the game that everyone thinks it is. It is about party loyalty, minority threats, compromises, who your friends are and, most importantly, what the Governor or the Speaker of the House does or does not want to go through and the Republicans are often no better than the Democrats.

One good pro-life bill did manage to make it through. Rep. Therese Sander’s HB 1055 squeaked by on the last day. The bill places new guidelines for abortion clinics and prohibits organizations that perform abortions from teaching sex education in our schools but it almost did not make it. Democrats in the Senate threatened to filibuster if it came up on the floor so the Republicans almost took it off the calender completely until they were hounded by members of the House and pro-life lobbyists on the last day. That forced them to bring it up and PQ it, a motion that ends the filibusterer and forces a vote – a procedure they do not like to do very often. Sadly though, with a Republican, and pro-life, majority, other good pro-life legislation was left to die, most notably Rep. Bob Onder’s Fetal Pain bill and HJR 11.

But I did like working for Rep. Emery. He’s a good guy, a committed Christian and worked on some good legislation, especially Fair Tax Act and Pharmacy protection. Overall it was a good experience, but you won’t be seeing me run for office any time in the near future (though I have been told that I should).

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