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Today was the beginning of my latest adventure. I accepted a position as an intern for one of our state reps. and will be working at the Capitol 3 days a week. I am working for Representative Ed Emery from the southwest corner of Missouri. He is wonderful and very pro-life and I am really […]

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Advocates of ESC research in the US House and Senate are facing an inevitable Presidential veto of the ESC research funding bill that passed in the House and will likely pass through the Senate sometime in the near future and are looking for another way to push this legislation through. They now plan on attaching […]

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Fr. Frank Pavone’s column on Sen. Brownback: Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas is a man you want to know if you care about human rights. Whether you’re talking about the poor in Africa or the unborn child scheduled to be killed by abortion, you will find an advocate for them in Senator Sam Brownback. For […]

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If Pope Benedict is our “German Shepherd” then Archbishop Raymond Burke from St. Louis is our pit bull. At the March for Life Rose Dinner in DC last weekend he warned those in attendence that the legalization of abortion has lead to the devaluation of human life in our country and unless there is a […]

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Here is a similar article by Charles Krauthammer

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Janet LaRue has a great column highlighting the fantasy and the false hope perpetuated by ESC research advocates. Proponents of ESCR consider acceptable the destruction of human embryos after we extract their cells. Unlike Munchkinland, however, there are no talking embryos to prick a conscience. ESCR fans should heed the signpost outside the Haunted Forest […]

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Here is a great article by a father encouraging father’s to be present in the lives of their children. The role of fathers in the lives of children has gotten completely lost on our society, especially when it comes to abortion. The entire pro-choice movement is centered around the woman and leaves out the man […]

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The White House has released a domestic policy report regarding stem cell research. It is titled, Advancing Stem Cell Science Without Destroying Human Life and it is a great overview of what we know about stem cell science and some alternatives to using human embryos that are being explored. I am very proud of our […]

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George Will has a column this week about the latest announcement from American and Canadian OB-GYNs that all pregnant women have their unborn child screened for Down syndrome. Will’s son, Jon, was born with Down syndrome over 30 years ago. His column examines what he calls a “search and destroy mission” to rid the world […]

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YES! I unfortunately missed Sen. Brownback’s speech to the March for Life crowd yesterday. I wanted to watch the whole thing but I was running around most of the day and didn’t get to catch any of it. The Washington Post reports that the Presidential hopeful was more than well received at the Family Research […]

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