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ed-emery.jpgToday was the beginning of my latest adventure. I accepted a position as an intern for one of our state reps. and will be working at the Capitol 3 days a week. I am working for Representative Ed Emery from the southwest corner of Missouri. He is wonderful and very pro-life and I am really looking forward to working with him! He has some great legislature in the works for this session. He sponsors a bill to protect pro-life pharmacists from being forced to provide the abortifacient pill, Plan B. I am also looking forward to being up at the Capitol on a regular basis to help lobby our legislators to support the joint resolution for a ban on human cloning that would close the loopholes in Amendment 2 that allow for the creation and destruction of cloned human embryos for scientific research. So I’m very excited and I hope you will all keep me (and our legislators) in your prayers!

From Rep. Emery’s website:

Ed Emery is committed to:
•smaller government and lower taxes
•protect the unborn and the elderly
•local control of education dollars
•protect your right to keep and bear arms
•eliminate excessive govt. regulations
•guard personal property rights
•promote strong families
•emphasize personal responsibility

Ed Emery opposes all so-called medical techniques that would give mere men the right to sacrifice a life in the womb by their own arbitrary choice. He is against taxpayer funding of abortion. He is in favor of informing and appropriately counseling those seeking abortions to encourage them to do the right thing (choosing life) for both their babies and themselves. Ed is for free speech and for speaking the truth about abortion’s consequences, whatever the opposition. Ed knows the fight to protect God-given life must go on.

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  1. Chelsea – Congratulations on your new job. I’m ready to help you when you run for state office in 2010.

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