The Pit Bull of the Gateway

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burke.jpgIf Pope Benedict is our “German Shepherd” then Archbishop Raymond Burke from St. Louis is our pit bull. At the March for Life Rose Dinner in DC last weekend he warned those in attendence that the legalization of abortion has lead to the devaluation of human life in our country and unless there is a ‘re-awakening’ to the culture of life there will be a growing acceptence of euthenasia and legal infanticide.

“Given the legalization of procured abortion in our nation, we should really not be surprised that now the agents of the culture of death seek a constitutional guarantee of the right to generate artificially and destroy embryonic human life. A nation that permits abortion at any stage, including the practice of partially delivering a baby into the world in order to destroy it brutally, has so deadened its conscience that it is no longer horrified at the thought of embryonic stem cell research, which has rightly been called Frankensteinien…“[we must] keep our eyes fixed on the moral principles upon which the foundation of our nation rests – those expressed eloquently in the Declaration of Independence – namely, that man is endowed by his Creator with certain inalienable rights among which the first place is held by the right to life.”

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