Search and Destroy

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George Will has a column this week about the latest announcement from American and Canadian OB-GYNs that all pregnant women have their unborn child screened for Down syndrome. Will’s son, Jon, was born with Down syndrome over 30 years ago. His column examines what he calls a “search and destroy mission” to rid the world of people living with Down syndrome. As he puts it, this is a result of the “entitlement mentality” of our society in which parent’s think they have a right to perfectly healthy children and should not have to deal with any abnormalities. Approximately 85% of Down syndrome pregnancies end in abortion. Sadly this alarming trend with only increase as the science to detect other genetic diseases inside the womb progresses.

“it has become routine to abort babies like Jon because they are like Jon. Without this combination of diagnostic advances and moral regression, there would be more people like Jon, and the world would be a sweeter place.”

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