One Man Has 74 Offspring and More Donor Conceived Children Speak Out

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Last month the New York Times reported on a man in California whose donated sperm was responsible for the lives of 150 young men and women. Shortly after, there was a lot of buzz over an episode of Style Network’s documentary show Style Exposed in which Ben Seisler confessed to his fiance (see video) that through the sperm he donated … Read More

Shocker: A Biological Connection is Important to Kids, Too

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Last week I wrote a piece for Catholic Lane about “donor-conceived children” being deprived of a connection with their biological father. Recently I came across an article from NPR discussing the exact same thing. They interviewed donor-conceived Kathleen LaBounty who told NPR that when she looks in the mirror she feels, “like it’s a reflection of a stranger because there … Read More

Fr. Barron comments on The “Two Minus One Pregnancy”

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Fr. Robert Barron comments on last month’s NYTimes piece about a woman who chose to kill one of the healthy unborn twins she conceived via IVF: My comments here. Also recommended: Rebecca Taylor’s post How Twins became Endangered

Anonymous Donor Daddies, The Kids Aren’t Alright

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The whole IVF/artificial insemination social experiment has been a process of putting the desires of adults over the best interest of children. Latest case in point: this week, the New York Times reported that the grossly under-regulated and greedy fertility industry has been allowing dozens of women to use the sperm of the same donor. At least one man has … Read More

THIRTY Embryos Created for Every ONE Baby Born By IVF!

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What. did. I. tell you??: I would venture to guess that the number of lives lost, destroyed or ‘frozen in time’ probably outweighs the number of human beings actually living outside the petri dish or womb as a result of this technology. I did not want to be right about this, but, it seems that official figures have confirmed that … Read More

More IVF Madness

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Jenny relates a story about a couple who “selectively reduced” the number of children that were successfully implanted. By “selectively reduced” I mean she had one of her three unborn children killed with an abortion at 20 weeks. As a result of the abortion one of the remaining two children died at 27 weeks. Then, after the now only child … Read More

IVF is Evil

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I’m more convinced of it now than I ever have been before. My rant (and final post) at Creative Minority Report this week: On Wednesday (last week), Matt highlighted here at CMR two very disturbing stories involving IVF: Mom To Have Dead Son’s Baby and World’s First IVF Lottery. If that’s not enough to sicken you for one week, here’s … Read More

“Big IVF”

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Wesley Smith nails it: Big IVF–for that is what it has become, a rich and politically powerful industry–objectifies human beings and distorts familial and other relationships in the name of making babies. It objectifies women as egg farms and womb leasing merchants. It objectifies embryos as a culling often happens sorting out the fit from the unfit (however that might … Read More

IVF, Frozen ‘Orphans’ and the Wisdom of the Church

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The first line of this article on IVF in Canada makes my heart break and my blood boil: Tens of thousands of human embryos hang in cold storage in Canada’s fertility clinics, an unknown number of which are “orphans.” Tens of thousands of tiny human beings, frozen in time. It’s outrage!! And it seems that our neighbors to the North … Read More


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The following videos present a great overview of the benefits of modern day “NFP” science – the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology: IVF = circumventive therapy & contraception = suppressive therapy. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology actually help identify and treat problems associated with PMS, postpartum depression, infertility, male-infertility, frequent miscarriage and much more! And, as the … Read More