THIRTY Embryos Created for Every ONE Baby Born By IVF!

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What. did. I. tell you??:

I would venture to guess that the number of lives lost, destroyed or ‘frozen in time’ probably outweighs the number of human beings actually living outside the petri dish or womb as a result of this technology.

I did not want to be right about this, but, it seems that official figures have confirmed that I was right on target. From the Daily Mail:

More than 30 human embryos are created for every successful birth by IVF,official figures have revealed.

Hundreds of thousands have been simply thrown away or destroyed in the name of scientific research over the past 20 years.

The figures show that British scientists have created more than three million human embryos by IVF since 1991. But fewer than 100,000 have been successfully implanted into women to result in live births in that period.
Nearly a million and a half were discarded in the course of treatment and more than 100,000 were given for research in destructive experiments.

This makes me sick. IVF supporters, tell me, honestly, is this ‘progress’ to you?? Outrageous.

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