Still Unsure About Amendment 2?

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Chances are if you or someone you know is still undecided on how to vote on Amendment 2 it is because this is a particularly confusing issue – one that scientists, doctors and lawyers cannot agree on. How do you know which side to believe? The amendment language is also not easy to understand even if you know how you … Read More

Scientists and Experts: Amendment 2 = Constitutional Right for Cloning

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Thanks to the Catholic Knight I found this story on Life Site News about Scientists and Experts who all agree that Amendment 2 will povide a constitutional right to do human cloning. Here is a list of the signatories (click “continue reading” for the remainder of the list): Markus Grompe, M.D. Director, Oregon Stem Cell Center Professor, Department of Molecular … Read More

Amendment 2: The Money Trail

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Here’s a flyer that shows how Missouri tax dollars will fund research whose profits will go to a for-profit corporation controlled by the directors of the Stowers Institute. How to convert taxpayer dollars into private wealth

Missourians Be Aware

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According to the website for the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, located in Kansas City, they anticipate future growth of their $300 million facility that includes, “a 600,000 square-foot expansion every decade, in perpetuity. The first expansion (“Phase II”) is slated for completion in 2009, but the planned expansion will occur only if Missouri voters approve the Missouri Stem Cell … Read More

STL Cardinals are “Champions” for Life

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Yet another St. Louis Cardinal is throwing his hat in the ring in the fight to defeat Amendment 2 in Missouri. Shortstop David Eckstein, the most valuable player of the World Series will join pitcher Jeff Suppan in a print ad opposing Amendment 2. Next to them will also be KC Royals designated hitter Mike Sweeney who appeared with Suppan … Read More

Kathryn Jean Lopez on Amendment 2 and the Egg Problem

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Kathryn Jean Lopez has been doing a bang up job exposing the problems with Amendment 2 and cloning for National Review Online, specifically when it comes to harvesting women’s eggs. Here is her latest article: Missouri, Don’t Get Egg in Your Face about a plea to Missouri voters from some black leaders.

James Kelly on Amendment 2

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You may remember James Kelly from an earlier post I did about him. James is a paraplegic and an advocate for ethical and proven stem cell research. He has a piece in National Review Online about Amendment 2. Here’s an excerpt: “The supposed purpose of Amendment 2 is to promote and protect “life saving” treatments and cures. Rather than supporting … Read More

Amendment 2 “Bad in Many Ways”

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Bishop Finn, from Kansas City-St. Joseph, has a great editorial in the Kansas City Star. Of course the KC Star has been promoting Amendment 2 from the very beginning, so it’s nice to see a little change. You can also check out his latest article in the Catholic Key. Bishop Finn is doing a fine job in the KCSJ diocese, … Read More

Don’t Make Missouri the “Clone Me State”

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Amen Brother!

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Dr. Ralph J. Duda Jr., an endocrinologist from Springfield MO, wrote a powerful op-ed about the disasterous Amendment 2 which voices the anger and frustrations of all of us fighting to see that this thing does not pass. I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you, so here’s a little taste: “An unbiased examination of Amendment 2, the … Read More