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Well, I’d be a pretty lousy pro-life blogger if I didn’t mention this one: The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has a released a report, “Fiscal Years 2002-2009 Obligations, Disbursements, and Expenditures for Selected Organizations Involved in Health-Related Activities.” According to their report, organizations that either perform and/or advocate abortions have received nearly…$1 billion (cue Dr. […]

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If you listen to the media you would think that no federal money is currently spent on embryonic stem cell research. That’s what Sen. Arlen Specter thinks. Speaking at a press conference about federal funding for ESC research, he said: “It is scandalous that eight years have passed since we have known about stem cell […]

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Here’s a flyer that shows how Missouri tax dollars will fund research whose profits will go to a for-profit corporation controlled by the directors of the Stowers Institute. How to convert taxpayer dollars into private wealth

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According to the website for the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, located in Kansas City, they anticipate future growth of their $300 million facility that includes, “a 600,000 square-foot expansion every decade, in perpetuity. The first expansion (“Phase II”) is slated for completion in 2009, but the planned expansion will occur only if Missouri voters […]

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