News Flash: The Federal Government Funds ESC Research

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If you listen to the media you would think that no federal money is currently spent on embryonic stem cell research. That’s what Sen. Arlen Specter thinks. Speaking at a press conference about federal funding for ESC research, he said:

“It is scandalous that eight years have passed since we have known about stem cell research and the potential to conquer all known maladies, and federal funds have not been available for the research.”

But newly released numbers show that from 2003-2006 the Federal Government spent $122 Million to Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Yes, President Bush is the very first President to spend federal money on ESC research beginning in 2001, much to pro-lifers’ dismay. You would think he would get some credit from ESC research advocates, yet they claim that he has actually stifled such research. Bill Clinton didn’t lift a finger to aide ESC research and President Bush is the bad guy. 122 MILLION DOLLARS!!! That is a tremendous amount considering the controversial nature of the research and the fact that it has failed to produce any positive results.

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