News Flash: Abortion Hurts Women

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Pro-lifers and many post-abortive women have been saying this for years, of course and now others are catching on. In the UK the Royal College of Psychiatrists warns that abortion can lead to mental illness. Here is a response to the story from a NJ woman: Life as I knew it ended with the untimely co-erced abortion of my daughter, … Read More

New ALL Video

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ALL is keeping an eye on all of Planned Parenthood’s shenanigans. Now their survey reveals that Planned Parenthood is streamlining its business in order to commit more abortions.:

Life News From Missouri

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Several things to report from the Show Me State: First, Missouri may soon be offering “Choose Life” license plates after a federal court approved Choose Life of Missouri Inc.’s 2006 application for the specialty plate. It was previously rejected by a joint House and Senate Transportation Committee. This is great news! Not only are these plates a good way to … Read More

Merry “Choice”mas?

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Here’s another video from American Life League, your Planned Parenthood watchdog: I find it sadly ironic that the word PP chose (no pun intended) to replace with the word “Choice” is “Peace” since that is exactly what is destroyed by the choice of abortion which they promote and carry out. “The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion” ~Mother Teresa

What’s Bad for Criminals is Good for the Children?

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This isn’t exactly new news, but I just came across this video today about the pornographic children’s book, It’s Perfectly Normal, largely connected to Planned Parenthood and rejected by a Washington State Prison for being “sexually explicit” and “obscene”: As if we needed more of a reason to oppose Planned Parenthood. Books like this are designed to establish lasting business … Read More

Update on MO Abortion Law

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Yesterday a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing the state from enforcing new regulations on abortion clinics until it can negotiate a “compromise with abortion providers.” This left both attorneys proclaiming victory. Gov. Blunt praised the decision while Missouri Right to Life had mixed feelings. They applaud the judge’s ruling that it is reasonable to ensure that women seeking … Read More

Exposing the Fruitless Deeds of Darkness Pt. III

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I am not a big fan of Sean Hannity, but God bless him for doing this segement on his show exposing fraud and deception from Planned Parenthood (H/T: Jill Stanek via Pro Life Blogs): Previous posts: Exposing the Fruitless Deeds of Darkness Exposing the Fruitless Deeds of Darkness Pt. II