Suicide for Everyone – On Demand!

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God love Wesley Smith for keeping up with our suicide obsessed world these days. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it…I guess. It’s getting a little ridiculous. A few highlights, though not particularly high, in no particular order: –British TV aired a documentary on one man’s journey to Switzerland for an assisted suicide. The doc apparently included … Read More

Richardson Family Reconciles to Care for Lauren!

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I forgot to post this great news when it came out a few weeks ago! Lauren Richardson’s mother, Edith Towers, has withdrawn her request to have her disabled daughter’s feeding tube removed. Lauren suffered a serious brain injury after a heroin overdose in 2006. Towers had a change of heart after Lauren began to cry when she was with her … Read More

Bioethics Students Weigh in on Daniel James’ Assisted Suicide

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A few weeks ago a bioethics teacher at Foothill Technology High School contacted me saying that they have been reading my blog at length in class and wondered if he could have his students respond to my post about Daniel James – the UK rugby player whose parents took him to Switzerland for an assisted suicide. I submitted to being … Read More

We Should All Be This Outraged

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You must watch this video of Wesley Smith speaking at Princeton University after infanticide and euthanasia enthusiast Peter Singer received his tenured chair at the school a few years ago:

Holocaust Lessons Not Learned

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Good news from Berlin (h/t Wesley Smith): German historians have started compiling a central register of 9,000 mentally ill people murdered as part of the Nazis’ euthanasia policy, most of whom were previously unidentified. More than 100,000 people are believed to have been killed during a drive inspired by Hitler that was carried out in six extermination centres in Germany … Read More

Daniel James Needed Help to Live

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A story came out this weekend about a UK rugby player, 23 year old Daniel James, who had his family take him to Switzerland for a legal assisted suicide after he was paralyzed in a rugby accident. I have been thinking about this for the past few days, dear readers, as I’ve been having a hard time figuring out where … Read More

America’s Death Wish – Video

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Here’s video of Fr. John Corapi reciting his article Death Wish: the impending suicide of a once great nation (h/t Catholic Fire.) It’s wonderful – watch the whole thing: Part 1 Part 2 “A nation that kills its own children is a nation without a future” – JP II This is your wake up call, America: Previous posts: Wake Up … Read More

Still Fighting for Life in Delaware

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Randy Richardson is still fighting to keep his severely disabled daughter Lauren alive. He recently told World Net Daily that he’s now battling “his former wife, the medical establishment and the court system for the life of his daughter.” On the improvement of her condition he said, “She has been trying to sit up and also has tried to verbalize. … Read More

Fighting for Life, Again

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Another family feud over the life of a disabled family member, a la the Schindler-Schiavo fight 3 years ago, is taking shape in Delaware. Lauren Richardson suffered severe brain damage after a heroin overdose in 2006. She is responsive and breathing on her own, but because she must be fed through a feeding tube and is so severely handicapped, Lauren’s … Read More

Dr. Death Delivers His Speech at Florida

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It was supposed to be in October, but last night Dr. Jack Kevorkian delivered his $50,000 speech to a crowd of roughly 4,900 at the University of Florida basketball arena. This is truly disappointing to me as a life long Gator fan. He was not allowed to discuss euthanasia in detail, but he sure made the most of what he … Read More