Another Embryo Screening Nightmare

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Now doctors in the UK have been given permission to weed out embryos that would be born with a genetic disorder that may cause it to have a squinting problem. This is only going to get worse… HT: LTI Blog Previous posts: Cancer Free Children? Lives Not Worth Living II

Cancer Free Children?

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In the UK, two couples, whose families have a history of breast cancer, will be the first to be assured that the children they have will never suffer from the ravages of that disease. This is because, after creating embryos through IVF, they will have each embryo tested for a defective BRCA1 gene, which raises the risk of cancer in … Read More

Parents of Former Frozen Embryo Speak Out Against ESCR

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This is why IVF gives me the willies. Erin is a former frozen embryo who was adopted by Tim and Dawn Smith after being conceived in a petri dish and left frozen on a shelf for 11 years because her biological parents didn’t want her. Now her adoptive parents are speaking out against embryonic stem cell research in their state. … Read More

Women Will Be Paid to Donate Eggs for Science

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And you thought advertising for egg donations on college campuses by fertility clinics was bad enough. Now women will be coaxed into undergoing this dangerous and potentially deadly procedure in the name of science! Women “will be paid £250 plus travel expenses, the existing maximum compensation for any egg or sperm donor.” But don’t worry, lest you think the women … Read More

What DO We Do With All Those Left Over Embryos?

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The ethical problems of IVF are becoming more and more apparent. On the surface IVF seems harmless and indeed even a positive thing, and it is hard to say to someone who has children through IVF that what they did was wrong. But there are moral and ethical problems to be considered and they far outweigh the good that results. … Read More