Get “Bella” Tomorrow (May 6)!

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Yes, Bella will finally be available on DVD tomorrow! Our Gospel of Life committee will be showing it at our parish sometime in the near future. Here is my review from this post: “Man…cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself” (Gaudium et Spes, 24) Bella is not just a story about the value of human life, … Read More

Bella in Canada April 11

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It’s about time for another Bella update. Starting Friday, April 11 Bella will open in 11 Canadian cities in 6 provinces (all cities and theaters can be found at this link)! I urge my Canadian neighbors to mark your calenders and check it out! Bella also continues to have an impact on pregnant women. Producer Leo Severino told Life Site … Read More

Congratulations Bella!

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Last week Bella received more acknowledgment for its good work when actor/producer Eduardo Verastegui won for best actor at the 16th Annual Movieguide Faith and Values Awards. The movie itself was nominated for Top Family Film of the Year, but lost to Ratatouilli. Also, according to producer Leo Severino, Bella will soon be released internationally. It will be in Canada … Read More

Bella is Here!!

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This came as a total surprise to me this morning! Before our Confirmation class started this morning, one of the other leaders informed me that Bella started playing in one of our local theaters this weekend! Unfortunately I had no idea it was coming here so I wasn’t able to inform the other church/pro-life/youth groups that I had been in … Read More

Good News for Bella

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Bella earned another million dollars at the box office last weekend and even moved up on the list of top grossing movies from number 17 to 13. Life News reports that: Five of the movies ahead of it in the weekend rankings drew fewer ticket sales per theater and only brought in more sales than Bella because they appeared in … Read More

Bella’s Still Truckin’

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Despite the big name movies that were released last weekend, Bella remained in the top 20 grossing movies, bringing in another $1,006,000 over the weekend and $3,644 per theater. This is great news for Bella and for Metanoia Films. It’s also good news for all of us who enjoy having decent movies to see in the theater. It is opening … Read More

Rush Reviews Bella!

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A message from your Lovable Little Fuzzball: RUSH: I want to tell you about a movie I saw recently. I flew out to Las Vegas, I guess, when was it, last Friday — was it last Friday? Boy, I’ll tell you, the time, the days are just running together. I think it was, it was last Friday, flew out, whenever … Read More

Instead of Fred Claus…

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Why not go see Bella this weekend, encourage others to go, or bring new people to see it with you for a second time? Yes I am still in “Bella mode,” trying to help promote the film. It has done incredibly well so far. Last weeks numbers were probably even more impressive as it was up against two big budget … Read More

The Swell Bella Fellas, on a Mission for God

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The movie has been out for two weeks and achieved enormous success for such a humble work of art, with an ever growing fan base. But I wonder, even among the fans, if we truly recognize the God-send that is Bella and the little production company that could, Metanoia Films. Bella is a beautiful and moving picture (yes, I finally … Read More

Evidence: Contraception is NOT the Answer

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I did not get to watch the Fox documentary, Facing Reality: Choice, about three women and their unexpected pregnancies, but Jill Stanek did some live blogging while it aired. According to Jill, Kayla, the college co-ed, was on birth control – though she was sloppy with taking it. Thus, Fox cameras were present for her second abortion. Not surprisingly, when … Read More