Bella is Here!!

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nullThis came as a total surprise to me this morning! Before our Confirmation class started this morning, one of the other leaders informed me that Bella started playing in one of our local theaters this weekend! Unfortunately I had no idea it was coming here so I wasn’t able to inform the other church/pro-life/youth groups that I had been in contact with while I was trying to get Bella into a different theater in our area, and it looks like no one else did either. It was pretty empty when I went to see it again today with my parents and my friend said that they were the only one’s in the theater last night (of course that was during Mizzou’s Big XII Championship game). I sent out an email to everyone I could think of this afternoon and will have to make more phone calls tomorrow. The person I spoke with at the theater couldn’t tell me if they would keep showing it after this Thursday. I thought it was a little strange that they didn’t have the poster up outside with the posters of the other movies that were playing. But he seemed to think that they wouldn’t take it away just yet, since they are only getting in one new movie next weekend. At any rate, I hope we are able to make it as much of a success here as it has been everywhere else. Box Office Mojo estimates that Bella will remain one of the top 20 grossing movies this weekend. Find Bella in a theater near you, new theaters are still being added!

Here is a great video interview with producer/actor Eduardo Verastegui with Operation Outcry:

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  1. Pope John Paul II once wrote that “in the designs of Providence, there are no coincidences.”

    I came across your blog/web-page while searching for the movie “Bella”…I was wondering when it was coming out on video. After reading what you have posted, I am convinced Christ has chosen you in a powerful way, and you are responding in a deep and holy way.

    Try the website Tatiana’s story is incredible, and her song “Silently” will make you cry–in a good way. I believe this to be true, since I sense your incredible devotion to Mary. God bless you.


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