Embryos are People Too

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Meet Noah Markham and his mother Rebekah. Two weeks after hurricane Katrina hit, 1400 embryos were rescued from a flooded New Orleans hospital. Noah was one of those embryos. Noah is, was, and always will be a human being. Nothing was done to that embryo to magically make it become a human being. The same embryo that was rescued from … Read More

Rudy Giuliani

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As a pro-life ‘conservative’ I consider myself Republican because the pary declares on its platform that the right to life of the unborn must be protected. So I am a little concerned about the person who many consider one of the Republican front runners. Rudy Giuliani is very popular and a proven leader, mostly thanks to his wonderful performance as … Read More

‘Personhood’ to be Defined in Georgia

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A big thanks to my Uncle in Georgia for pointing this out to me. There is a bill proposed in the Georgia state legislature that declares that “a fetus is a person for all purposes under the laws of this state from the moment of conception” and consequently bans all abortions. HB 1, authored by State Rep. Bobby Franklin is … Read More

Updated ‘Boycott’ List

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Life Decisions International has updated their list of companies that give money to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. I must admit that I am not very good at keeping up with these things and ‘boycotting’ the appropriate companies and charitable organizations. As a friend of mine pointed out to me, it’s almost impossible to avoid some of these … Read More

Bob Casey, the “Swing Vote?”

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Apparently Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, who defeated my beloved Sen. Rick Santorum last November, is a pro-life Democrat and is, so far, planning to vote against the ESC research funding bill that just passed the House when it gets to the Senate floor. This is great news, however he will most likely be under tremendous pressure from supporters of … Read More

Stem Cell Idealogues vs. the Facts

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This article by Yuval Levin on NRO articulates the “sorry state of the embryonic stem cell debate” in American society. Because of people like Michael J. Fox and the late Christopher Reeve showing the world the effects of their disability and disease in order to promote the misguided hope of human ESC research, I think many Americans are afraid to … Read More

To My Fellow Catholics

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Almost one-third of the new congress is Catholic. This includes pro-abortion/ESC research Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. In light of the House vote tomorrow we would do well to remind our brothers and sisters in the House of their duty as Catholics to uphold the sanctity and dignity of human life and urge them to exercise this duty by … Read More

Call You Congressmen

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The United States House of Representatives is scheduled to vote for more federal funding of embryonic stem cell research tomorrow. Now is a good time to get a hold of your representatives and urge them to oppose the DeGette/Castle Bill, H.R. 3. This bill, like the one President Bush vetoed last year, will ease restrictions placed on federal funding of … Read More

NY Times Update

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Last week I told you about the hit piece the NY Times did on the abortion laws in El Salvador and the fact that the entire article was based on false information. The article claimed that Carmen Climaco was sentenced to 30 years for having an illegal abortion when she was actually convicted of strangling her newborn infant. Well, this … Read More

3 Year Old Infused With Own Stem Cells

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CHICAGO: A three-year-old leukemia victim was given a life-saving infusion of her own cord blood, marking the first time a child with this disease served as their own blood donor, American doctors said Thursday. This was largely thanks the the girl’s parent’s decision to save some of her umbilical cord after she was born. The future, my friends, is not … Read More