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So I’m going video crazy lately. I found this truly wonderful video via Google Video. It’s a little long, but I watched the whole thing straight through and was hooked. This is a great tool to share with friends and family about the real benefits of adult stem cell research. The best part is the last segement about a “snowflake … Read More

Hair Raising Stem Cell News

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Scientists have discovered that stem cells found in hair follicles could be an alternative to embryonic stem cells: “Epidermal neural crest stem cells are found in the bulge of hair follicles and have characteristics that combine some advantages of embryonic and adult stem cells, according to lead researcher, Maya Sieber-Blum, Ph.D., professor of cell biology, neurobiology & anatomy. Similar to … Read More


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Recently umbilical cord blood from Hawaii was used to treat a man in France with Hodgkin’s disease. This is not the first time Hawaiian UCB has gone international, another unit was sent to a patient in Spain. Hawaii has also donated cord blood to many patients in the states. One interesting find in the article is that some patients, like … Read More

Not So Fast, Tooth Fairy…

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That tooth could save someone’s life. It turns out that baby teeth are yet another source rich in stem cells. The cost of storing them is about half of what it costs to store umbilical cord blood – a second option for families wanting to invest in stem cells for their chilren’s future. So…stick that under your pillow and sleep … Read More

Cord Blood Banking Becoming More Popular

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Umbilical Cord Blood is loaded with stem cells and provides an ethically acceptable alternative to embryonic stem cell research. Cord blood banking is becoming increasingly more popular, too. According to the March of Dimes, cord blood is treating more than 45 disorders. The idea of UCB banking is to store the blood that is generally discarded after birth in case … Read More

Michigan on the Right Track

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The state of Michigan continues to do a good job of promoting ethical stem cell research. The state senate approved a set of bills designed to promote adult stem cell research. They also defeated an amendment that would lift the state ban on funding for embryonic stem cell research. Michigan, which bans cloning for any purpose, has a booming biotech … Read More

Heart Valves Grown From Womb Fluid Cells

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CHICAGO — Scientists for the first time have grown human heart valves using stem cells from the fluid that cushions babies in the womb _ offering a revolutionary approach that may be used to repair defective hearts in the future. The idea is to create these new valves in the lab while the pregnancy progresses and have them ready to … Read More

Minnesota Researchers Get Lung Cells From Cord Blood

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Researchers at the University of Minnesota were able to get stem cells from umbilical cord blood to differentiate into a certain type of lung cell. Another amazing achievement for adult stem cell research came out last week about scientists in the UK who were able to use umbilical cord blood to grow an artificial liver. This astonishing research is all … Read More