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So I’m going video crazy lately. I found this truly wonderful video via Google Video. It’s a little long, but I watched the whole thing straight through and was hooked. This is a great tool to share with friends and family about the real benefits of adult stem cell research. The best part is the last segement about a “snowflake baby”. The couple who adopted her includes a father who is in a wheelchair. Addressing those who argue that an embryo left over from IVF treatments is just a small group of cells growing in a petri dish, he remarked, “just because something is small doesn’t make it insignificant.” That tiny group of cells became a beautiful blonde baby girl. He also commented that researchers focusing on only embryonic stem cells and human cloning – ignoring the benefits of adult stem cells – just adds another, “day or week or month or year that I’m in this wheelchair.”

Adult Stem Cell Research Making a Difference Today

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