New TOB Resources

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Ascension Press anounces some new resources from Christopher West on the Theology of the Body. Each series has everything you need to lead your own TOB study sessions. Because our society has been living in utter darkness regarding the truth and meaning of human sexuality, of the human person, this is an important message to study and share with everyone … Read More

Screening Fireproof on Mon.

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Got an email today from a friend of mine inviting me to attend a pre-screening of the movie Fireproof – a faith based movie from the creators of Facing the Giants about a fireman who fights to save his struggling marriage. I wrote about it last month: “Fireproof”, Marriage and World Peace. The trailor: I signed up for my tickets … Read More

I Wanna Have Your Babies

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This is a great song from Natasha Bedingfield – and refreshing considering the anti-Marriage/family “hook-up” mentality plaguing our young people today: I Wanna Have Your Babies Video From the song: I wanna have your babies Get serious like crazy I wanna have your babies I see ’em springin up like daisies Remember the good old days when all “dating” really … Read More

An Altar of Life Giving Sacrifice

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In honor of my very good friend enduring a painful 27 hours of labor in order to bring her first child, boy Kale, into the world yesterday morning I share this passage from Scott Hahn’s book, First Comes Love. It is a beautiful commentary on what it was like to witness his wife, Kimberly, go through 30 hours of labor … Read More

Theology of the Body: Original Happiness

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Part four of the Cardinal Arinze podcast series on Theology of the Body is online: In honor of the coming election and the large number of Catholics pledging to vote for Barack Obama, check out this already classic podcast from the Cardinal from this April: Send 12 Swiss Guards to arrest them all! (Q&A 2007 – part VII): Subscribe to … Read More

Cardinal Arinze Webcasts TOB!

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Shamefully I am not yet a subscriber to Cardinal Arinze’s webcast, though I pretty much love to hear anything the man has to say. But I recently stumbled upon another website with links to the Cardinal’s recent webcasts and found out that he has been doing a series on Theology of the Body. Really I have only ever heard TOB … Read More

Surprise! Sex Leads to Babies!

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Jen relates a story about a co-worker who had a one night stand with a woman that resulted in a pregnancy. Because they took the “necessary precautions”, said co-worker was pretty shocked at the outcome and said, “I just don’t know how it could be possible.” Sadly, because of the lies our contraceptive culture has told us, this comes as … Read More

“Fireproof”, Marriage and World Peace

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At the New Media Celebration I found out about a new movie coming out by the people who made Facing the Giants. Fireproof stars Kirk Cameron as a fireman who struggles to rescue his marriage as it slowly seems to go up on flames: With the ever increasing divorce rate in our nation, this is an important message. In his … Read More

NFP Works!

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After seeing this post on natural family planning that I did yesterday (well, almost early this morning) my good friend Meredith offered this comment: Yes I can attest it WORKS! How many years and doctors did I go to Chelsea before opening the Catholic Missourian one day and seeing “Our Lady Queen of Peace Center” article dealing with NFP and … Read More

Eunuchs for the Kingdom

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Hello, all! Sorry posting has been pretty light for the last few days. I do have a few works in progress. A good friend of mine was ordained a deacon last weekend for the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri. Through this sacrament Angelo, and the two others ordained with him, pledged to live his life totally committed to serving … Read More