Vocation to Marriage

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Thanks to Paul at Alive and Young for linking to this great video by the Knights of Columbus about the vocation to Marriage. I had seen it on EWTN several months ago and it was apparently shown at the papal youth rally in Yonkers last weekend. In his address to the Bishops in Washington D.C. last week, Pope Benedict expressed … Read More

Countering PP’s Promotion of Promiscuity

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This edition of the American Life League Report is all about Planned Parenthood using your tax dollars to promote recreational sex. Why the push for promiscuity? PP is a for profit organization that thrives on its customers having active and unrestricted sex lives. That is, unrestricted by a marital covenant and committment to procreation – the only proper place for … Read More

The Holy Family

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Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Holy Family – a model of perfection for all families. Pope Paul VI on Nazareth and family life: May Nazareth serve as a model of what the family should be. May it show us the family’s holy and enduring character and exemplifying its basic function in society: a community of love and … Read More

Reclaiming the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality

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Regarding the WHO abortion study that I mentioned in Wednesday’s post another conclusion that many come to upon seeing the numbers of abortions carried out world wide is that something must be done to prevent so many “unwanted pregnancies” in the first place. Now that is a rational conclusion. What is irrational, however, is the promotion of contraception as a … Read More

To Rowling’s Credit

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No, I do not give Rowling credit for “outing” a beloved character, to many children by the way, after the series has come to a final and satisfying conclusion, without any major moral catastrophes – until now. That was unnecessary and, I think, unwise, given her large Christian fan base, which spends a sometimes exhaustive amount of time defending her … Read More

Unwilling to Be Selfless

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In a recent interview, singer Kelly Clarkson perfectly articulated the reason for the breakdown of the family in our society and therefore the breakdown of our society in general: “My point of view is that I shouldn’t be a mother at all, because I’d be horrible,” she confessed to Elle magazine. “I’m not willing to be that selfless.” We have … Read More

NFP vs. Contraception

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Alright, I am getting really behind here. The second and third installments of Fr. Euteneuer’s mini catechesis on contraception are out. This second topic addresses the misconception that natural family planning is just “Church approved birth control.” The third topic regards the myth of overpopulation. A few words on NFP and contraception. First, it is important to remember that for … Read More

Will the Republican Party Lose its Soul?

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It seems to me that many on the right are so frightened by the thought of a second Clinton presidency that they are willing to back any candidate who has the potential to beat her in the general election. Don’t get me wrong, I am equally as terrified by this woman, but what frightens me more is the nomination of … Read More

Contraception Prevents Abortion, Doesn’t It?

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Not so as Fr. Euteneuer explains in the first of a series of video emails explaining common contraception msiconceptions. As I said in the comments section of my previous post on this subject, the Sean Hannity contraception flap is not just about Sean and Fr. E. knows it. That is what prompted this video series. As he mentioned in on … Read More

Maybe I Should Move to Poland

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Polish Teachers Promoting ‘Homosexual Culture’ to Be Fired, Official Says WARSAW, Poland — Teachers deemed to be promoting “homosexual culture” in Polish schools will be fired, the deputy education minister said Thursday. But the minister, Miroslaw Orzechowski, also insisted that homosexual teachers would not be targeted. “There is no place for the promotion of homosexual culture” in Polish schools, Orzechowski, … Read More