Will the Republican Party Lose its Soul?

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Republican elephantIt seems to me that many on the right are so frightened by the thought of a second Clinton presidency that they are willing to back any candidate who has the potential to beat her in the general election. Don’t get me wrong, I am equally as terrified by this woman, but what frightens me more is the nomination of a clearly pro-abortion Republican.

I consider the soul of the Republican party to be its solidly pro-life platform. The nomination of Rudolf Giuliani, who thinks tax payers should fund abortions and thinks that his party should “get beyond” social justice issues like abortion, would suggest that the party has lost its soul. The “conservatives” who are backing Giuliani at this stage of the game suggest that this time Republicans are just going to have to suck it up and compromise our pro-life principles if we have any hope of beating the likes of Hillary or Obama. I say if we do that, it means that we care more about winning and retaining our power more than we care about sticking to our core beliefs.

Come election time, if both the Democrat and Republican candidates for presidency have relatively the same views on abortion and traditional marriage, our country is in bad shape. The presidential nominee, in essence, becomes the face of his or her party. What would it mean if the leader of the Republican party were suddenly pro-abortion? Kudos to HillBilly White Trash for also recognizing that, yes, we can survive a Hillary presidency, but we cannot survive having both major political parties unwilling to stand up for some of the most important issues of our time.

This is a test of our fidelity. I just pray that we don’t fail.

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